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RS-232 to SAE J1708 Converter, Priority 4

Model #232SAER

The 232SAER lets any computer with an RS-232 port communicate with vehicles using the SAE J1708 specification. SAE J1708 is the specification for serial communications between microcomputer systems in heavy duty vehicle applications.

The 232SAER converts RS-232 TD and RD data signals to the SAE J1708 differential communications specification. The CTS line provides a method for the host software to monitor network activity. By checking the CTS line before transmitting, the host software can avoid network collisions. The converter is self-powered from the RS-232 port handshake lines, and may be optionally powered by a 12 VDC supply. The RS-232 side of the converter is DB25 female and is configured as a DCE device.

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