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J1939 to J1587 Converter

Model #HDV19391587

Model HDV19391587 allows J1939 data to be converted to J1587 data in an on-road heavy duty vehicle.

Mounted in a truck, it receive broadcast J1939 data from the vehicle control bus and re-transmits this information on a J1708/J1597 bus. 15 preprogrammed parameters. Field upgradeable.

Preconfigured Parameters
Parking Brake Instantaneous Fuel Rate
Road Speed Instantaneous Fuel Rate (Hino)
PTO Status Engine Speed (RPM)
Cruise Control State Total Distance
Cruise Control Set Speed Total Distance (High Resolution) (Hino)
Throttle (Accelerator Pedal) Total Engine Time (Engine Hours)
ATC Control Status PID Total Fuel
Ambient Air Temp  


Model # Price Qty  
HDV19391587 $141.00


For volume pricing or to review your application, please contact Mario Bernardini at 815.434.8794 or email