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OBDII Streamer

Model #LDVDSV2-S

How Our Solutions Increase Your Customer Value

Time to Market ...... We are the hardware and data experts so you can focus on servicing customers, not on the complexities of vehicle data.

Low Implementation Cost ...... Easy to install, easy to use - minimal investment starts reducing your customers ' fleet expenses immediately

Proven ...... Deployed int he largest fleets in North America

Value ...... Configure the parameters and interface that fit the application

Quality ..... B&B Electronics has over 30 years of experience with hardware design, manufacturing and integration

Key Fleet Benefits
Reduced Fuel Expense
Improved Driver Productivity
Reduced Maintenance Expenses
Improved Asset Utilization
Improved Customer Service

Preventative Maintenance
Vehicle Performance & Monitoring
Field Service Management
Fleet Safety Compliance
Fuel Tax Reporting

We Have A Solution for Any Size Fleet

Different form factors allow flexibility while maintaining superior functionality
External box powering options: Vehicle Bus, VBAT Power In, VBAT Power Out
Fleet Solutions

Supported Protocols:

  • SAE J1850VPW
  • SAE J1850PWM
  • SAE J2284/ISO 15765 (CAN)
  • ISO9141-2
  • ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)

Supported Vehicles:
The OBDII Streamer supports any 1996 and newer vehicle that complies with SAE's J1979 OBDII Specification, including:

  • Ford - full size trucks and vans
  • GM - full size trucks and vans
  • Chrysler - full size trucks
  • Isuzu - NPR, NQR, NRR
  • Mercedes - Sprinter

Supported Parameters:

  • VIN ("Vehicle Identification Number")
  • Vehicle Speed
    - used to monitor aggressive driving
  • Engine Speed
    - used to monitor idle time and engine abuse
    - used to monitor hours of service
  • Throttle Position
  • Odometer/Distance Traveled
    - used to monitor trip distance
  • Instantaneous Fuel Rate
    - used to monitor MPG
    - used to protect against fuel theft
  • Battery Voltage
    - used to monitor charging system failures
  • PTO Status
    - used to automatically figure fuel tax savings
  • DTCs ("Diagnostic Trouble Codes")
  • MIL Status ("Malfunction Indicator Lamp/Check Engine Light")
  • Emissions Readiness Monitors
    - Check remotely if vehicles are ready for emissions certification
  • Brake Switch Status
    - Available on most GM & Ford full size trucks/vans
  • Driver Seatbelt Fastened
    - Available on most GM & Ford full size trucks/vans
  • Other parameters available on a custom basis

*Not all vehicles support all parameters. The Streamer works with OBDII vehicles manufactured to be sold in the United States.

The OBDII Streamers give the host application tremendous flexibility when it comes to receiving data from the vehicle. The OBDII Streamer can be configured to send data automatically or upon request:

Field upgradeable and built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, the streamer operates from -40 to 85°C, and has been tested to strict shock and vibration standards. It can also provide power to the connected device on pin 9 of the serial version. For out-of-sight installations, B&B's patent-pending OBDII Y-cable doesn't block the diagnostic port or interfere with a technician's scan tool.

For volume pricing or to review your application, please contact Mario Bernardini at 815.434.8794 or email