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Reduce Vehicle Downtime

When you hear the word “breakdown” you know you have trouble. Your smooth running operation just hit a major speed bump and you’re shifting into scramble mode. Maybe you’ve got a driver stuck in the middle of nowhere. A critical delivery isn’t going to be made on time. Schedules have to be juggled to accommodate. It’s costly. It’s a pain. And it’s preventable.

Streamer is your watchdog. It's the early warning system that gives you the data you need to head off trouble.

  • Spot problems before a breakdown occurs with real time monitoring of
    • fuel use
    • engine temperatures
    • battery voltage
    • diagnostic trouble codes and sensor data
  • You determine if a vehicle needs to be pulled from service or if the problem can wait until the next scheduled maintenance

Streamer is all about giving you control of your fleet. When you’re in control, costs go down, efficiency goes up, your revenue stream is smoother and breakdown chaos is a thing of the past. That’s pretty smart business.