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Reduce Maintenance Costs

Maintenance costs don’t have to be a drain on profits. Streamer gives you the option of turning a fixed expense based on vehicle mileage into a variable expense based on part wear. You can maintain your fleet at optimum performance levels – reducing repair expense and extending the life of the vehicle.

We all know that certain miles are tougher on a vehicle than others. Stop and go city traffic puts more stress on vehicles than over the road miles. If the wear and tear isn’t equivalent – maintenance schedules based on miles isn’t adequate.

Streamer is your great equalizer. You get the information you need to make smarter decisions.

  • Schedule brake maintenance based on the number of stops
  • Replace the battery and starting components based on the number of starts
  • Maintain power train components based on engine hours
  • Keep oil and fluids at peak levels based on engine hours and temperature

Optimizing vehicle life is not just under the hood – it’s about who’s behind the wheel. Bad habits in the driver’s seat grind away at engine performance. Other governors can control for speed – but that’s not the whole picture.

Streamer is your performance partner. You get the information you need to optimize driver training.

  • Detect speeding and stop the lead foot
  • Measure aggressive starts and stops
  • Detect bad shift patterns through RPM

Whether you manage trucks on the ice roads of Alaska, the deserts of the Southwest, or the jungles of New York City - Streamer gives you the mission critical data you need to keep your fleet moving and your maintenance costs under control.

Really. Smart. Business.